Coke Studio Season 10 – An Honest Review

Coke Studio the one musical platform that is the hope and I guess the only landmark to achieve at least in the eyes of present day musicians. You tell someoneyou do music and somehow they always bring Coke Studio up and if you havent been in Coke Studio then you don’t really have a right to call yourself a musician or a singer – coke studio mai aao gay tau manoon ga. Anyway, I wouldn’t want to start this without mentioning my all time favorite song, by Noori Sari Raat Jaga. It is the best song ever but here is the funny twist that the worst song in the history of Coke Studio is also by Noori and Zeb and Haniya. I think that song is not even on Coke Studios page anymore; I don’t know what these guys were high on. The new season is out and people are not going goo goo gaa gaa about it this time. I guess people are still waiting for that one song to click. The song by Shafqat and Ahmed was pretty good for me, a bit long but in the end but it does get you back in the groove and ends on a high note. Kudos Shuja Haider and obviously both the other singers. Kavish sounded like Kavish, I think Jaffer played pretty safely as a matter of fact a little too safe and then QB takes over that probably is the part where audience can go ufff. I wouldn’t mind marrying this girl though but lets not deviate from the fact that it’s a pretty safe song, not really liking the snare tone either. Mr. Ahad Nayani not doubting your talent, but that snare is just not acceptable. Lets move on. Ali Sethis rendition of Ranjishain he sahi by Mehdi Hassan sahib is pretty cool, would have loved if Ali really went somewhere else with the song and I don’t think one would need to auto tune Alis vocals that much. It’s a bit too much at times like the tuner does that toon roon effect, you know that wanna be singer effect done by usually a rapper. I think the vocals are tuned a little too hard on that song but I like the song and what Ali did with it. What I heard from Coke Studio so far, Allah Ho Akber is my favorite. Ali Zafars brother played it safe too, a little too pappu of feels from him. My ears are still waiting to hear something from young Zafar where I start respecting him as a singer, pappu to hai bacha but he sounds like a mixture of Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam, not the only one saying this though, pretty sure I can raise an army in support for this. I want to give an advice to Salman Ahmed that he shouldnt touch any of Junoons old songs, I beg you to never do this to me again, and that too with Ali Noor and Rahat. It was somewhat a near death experience to be on the hearing end for that song, either Sufi Sal, Ali (Butt Sahab) and The Gora Bryan do it together or it should not be done at all and Junoon is one band that everyone would go out and pay for the ticket.

I was expecting Sufi Sal to shine and do something with the guitar but nah! Didnt happen for me and even the guitar tone was a so-so, I mean this guy gives lectures at Berkley School of Music. I am still waiting for that one song which will justify this season for me at least. One more thing that I want to add, the last season that Rohail did was actually really well produced and I still don’t understand that why people reacted the way they did about that season. Personally I wouldn’t say that as a producer that was Rohails best work just because I want to hear more of it but yeah, it would still be considered at a very high spot. It was also nice to see some new faces in the musicians grid, one guy I would really like to see more on Coke Studio is Bradley. I think the guy is a walking groove machine and he would bring a different flavor in the mix and break the curse of monotony. This season Atif Aslams rival Farhan Saeed is also featuring, lets see what he brings to the whole thing, I hope that he doesn’t choose to cry in the songs though. Most of his songs are depressing and now that he is married to Urwa Huccain, it’s even more depressing (kidding!). Lets get a bit serious about why Coke Studio keeps on repeating artists, is there no talent left? Or they aren’t able to find it? Remember Noori brothers in the first season and now its the 10th season and they are still there. Are you seriously kidding me? They have been in almost every season! Even though I love both Ali Noor and Ali Hamza and I think I would always enjoy their music but this is just not the way to go about it. Besides Sari Raat Jaga, Atifs rendition of Tajdar e Haram is superb, he surely helped in every seasons success that he has been a part of. I would like to end this at a good note and give hope to the new and young musicians by saying focus on your academics because you aren’t getting anything out of this music world.

Adios Amigos

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