Comic Sans is The Best Font Now and Forever

Typographers and font creators out there debate about a lot of things. At the WIRED 2015 event the creator of the Comic Sans font claimed that the Comic Sans is not only the best free font available but that Comic Sans is the best font now and forever. Is that true? Is the Comic Sans font really that good? Learn about it all here.

Comic Sans is The Best Font Now and Forever

The creator of the Comic Sans font, Vincent Connare defended his font by saying that he created the best ever font 20 years ago. According to him it was created when he needed a typeface for the program he was working on which was an interactive animated dog application called Microsoft Bob. According to the creator comic characters cannot talk in the Times New Roman font so he created this typeface to better suite the character and the application interface.

Thought the creator of the Comic Sans font has tried his best to defend his dear creation there is criticism about the font. Some say that it is ugly and they would not use it in their documents. Some even go on to say that it appears that the creator made it in a single evening that is why it appears like it does. The font I admit is hard to take seriously but then again comes the name and the story of the font. If you think about it the font is not meant to be taken seriously. It was designed for a funny dog application. Keeping that in mind the font is supposed to be casual and funky. The cartoon-like font has therefore served the purpose for which it was made and that is what it was expected of it.

Comic Sans is The Best Font Now and Forever

Though it is a great font and it has a purpose keep mind that it is not very popular and I would not say that the Comic Sans is the best font now and forever. I would say it is a font which can be used casually. That means you won’t be able to use it in formal documents or paper work. But you can use it for funky graphic or informal presentations, that kind of stuff. I must say that with so many free fonts available online one cannot just say that his or her font is the best font ever created. That would be a very serious claim indeed.


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