Confirm Password Field is a Pain in the Neck

Designing a website is a tricky business. Those who work in website design know this to be true. There are many factors that you can choose to include or exclude when it comes to making a website form. One of the major mistakes designers make is thinking that it is absolutely critical to add a confirm password field in a form. To some extent it does make sense. The field helps you detect if you have written the wrong password. It can help users identify typing errors in their entry. I think the confirm password field is a pain in the neck.

1 Dawn of the Confirm Password Fields

I know all of you at some point or the other signed up for something and have come across a form that has a confirm password field. I know it is very irritating. In today’s day and age no one really has the time or the patience to input a password twice, once takes long enough. This research study proves my point. According to the study a quarter of the people that sign up for something end up not filling the form just because of the confirm password field present in the form. After the site removed the confirm password field and added an unmasking option to the form the number of people that abandoned the form decreased dramatically. This proves that confirm password fields in fact to impact conversion rates in a negative way.

2 Dawn of the Confirm Password Fields

This new trend should give insights to new website developers and the traditional website designers. I believe that this new insight can help many websites and companies with their sign ups and memberships. This new study can be a game changer for a few and a source of new sign ups. But then again the world works in mysterious ways.

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