Cure Your Sleeping Disorder without Pills

Alain De Botton has revealed his nightly exercise that helps him sleep. According to him this can help other people sleep better. People who suffer from insomnia or sleeping disorder will no longer need a pill. This exercise that helps you sleep better is actually better than any sleeping pill ever created. This is no rocket science it is a simple trick that does wonders. It works for the philosopher and it can work for you too. Cure your sleeping disorder without pills.

alain de botton

What he does is simple. At night before he goes to get he takes out a paper and a pen and writes down the thoughts that are going through his head. These thoughts do not have to be proper sentences or even proper thoughts they can be phrases and single words. What you are trying to do here is making an intangible thing more tangible.

This way you can relieve your mind of thoughts that are bothering you and can help you calm down. Making this exercise a habit and a part of your life will make you sleep better. You can perform this exercise in the morning if you want to. Another great thing that is a product of this exercise is that at times jotting down your thoughts lead to great potential ideas that you can implement in your life. If you are a business creative than you can find yourself writing down the next big startup idea.

In this article we covered an exercise with which you can cure your sleeping disorder without pills. As you can see there are plenty of advantages that come out of this exercise. Being able to sleep normally is the best one of them all. If you have trouble sleeping then try making this exercise a habit and you could find yourself living a healthier life. There is no greater feeling than waking up fresh in the morning. Take it from someone who loves his sleep more than anything else in the world.


Source: businessinsider

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