Curtsy: Peer-to-Peer Dress Rental App For College Students


Girls, now you could get paid for having a great wardrobe! There is now an app for you to make money by renting out your wardrobe to other fashionistas in your locality.


In January, the app was launched as Nimble Fashion before it was renamed to Curtsy. The idea was conceived when a college student, Sara Kiparizoska, told one of her closest friends how she wished there could be a way for her to view the wardrobe of girls on campus and rent out a dress for an upcoming event. She was thinking on the lines of creating a Facebook group where fashionistas from University of Mississippi could put up pictures of the dresses that they were willing to rent out. Her friend, William Ault, being a computer science major suggested that they launch an app instead of creating a Facebook group.


Curtsy is a little similar to Rent-The-Runway; however, the dresses up for rent belong to a girl in the neighbourhood so the person renting the dress usually goes up to the neighbours house and tries the dress. After trying the dress it can be worn immediately or anytime within the next five days.


Ever since Sara Kiparizoska decided to opt for medicine school three of her friends including William Ault are responsible for running the company. Despite the fact that Kiparizoska no longer runs the company she is still recognised as the face of Curtsy because having three men run a wardrobe sharing app for women could discourage the female clientele.


Even though Curtsy features women in all of its promotional and web content it does not bar men from signing up. As of now, men are not being targeted because the company is more focused on growth and sustainability than catering to a new target market.


Talking of growth, Curtsy currently boasts 3,000 members who reside in close proximity to each other so the members can simply go up to the house of the fellow member and pick up the dress after trying it. For now, the app is only working on University of Mississippis campus but it would soon be expanding to other college campuses. The founders aim to target college towns in future considering the potential customer base and the growing number of college students opting to rent dresses instead of buying them.


As for sustainability, the founders realise that they would have to ensure that they retain the customers long after they graduate from college. However, for that to happen the company would have to grow at an exponential rate so that it covers wider geographical area and has a significant number of customers to make up for the costs of expansion.


Curtsy aims to expand to other college campuses first so that it can become the go-to app for college students looking to rent a cocktail dress to wear at the next sorority party.

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