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Design Student Makes Innovative Stress Ball Map

What is the most effective way of finding and locating places? GPS? I don’t think so. People that have used GPS devices or have watched Top Gear know that most of the time these devices don’t work. Even in very expensive cars these navigational systems are very complex and hard to figure out. Then what options are we left with? Phone applications? There is always the risk of the phone battery running out or a network coverage issue. No matter what method you choose there will be a con to it. Even a traditional map has its disadvantages. The customary map is huge and you can’t carry it around with you everywhere you go. You can’t hold it up while you drive. You will also have to spread it out in order to see the whole picture. A design student may have come up with a solution to this problem. He has made an innovative stress ball map, which is basically a small map in the shape of a ball, pretty much like a squishy stress ball.

1 Design Student Makes Innovative Stress Ball Map

2 Design Student Makes  Game Changing Stress Ball Map

This squishy stress ball map is one of those innovative ideas that you fall in love with and you know that everyone is going to go get it. The Hungarian design student Dénes Sátor has basically made a stress ball that show you a map. The fun thing about the ball is that when you squeeze it, the image zooms in and shows you more detail about the perimeter you are focusing on. This innovative stress ball is a very good idea and I don’t know why no one thought of this before.

3 Creative Design Student Makes Stress Ball Map

With this device you do not need to worry about the network coverage or the battery running out. This innovative stress ball map is small, simple and effective. Practically anyone can use it.

4 Design Student Makes Innovative Stress Ball Map


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