Display of Artistic Shoe Art at The Oslo Open 2015

Oslo open is a nonprofit organization that aims to promote artists that live in the capital of Norway. For the Oslo festival that takes places every year many artists open their workshops and studio to contribute to the festival. They arrange galleries to showcase their work. Their work is displayed for people to come and see. These shops are located all around the city. These are artists that take part. They also hold workshops and events for children. The display of artistic shoe art at the Oslo Open 2015 was something you had to witness to believe.

The artists that open shop allow for the festival to make poster and banners along with books that mark different positions of such shops around the city. Oslo open is an event that promotes artists of all kinds. Such artists help create a new identity for the organization as a whole. Kids can enjoy events at the shops while adults can look at the art work by different artists.

This year artists showcased their work by making shoe art. They splattered paint on to make something innovative and creative. These shoes were featured at the exhibitions and also as a promotional stunt around the city. The shoes were also seen on the banners and flyers. The people that attended the event gave a very positive response concerning the shoes. The event also got a ton of response online where they covered the event.

Different kinds of shoes were splattered with all kinds of different colors to make something unique and different. Only genuinely creative artists can come up with something unique and different. I regret Isabel Marant Shoes Sale not being able to be at the event in person but I am glad to say that through the pictures and from what I hear the event was a huge success and the people who did attend loved the work. In essence the Display of Artistic Shoe Art at The Oslo Open 2015 was something inspirational and very creative. It is one of those things that you remember all your life and tell your children about.

Source: Oslo-Open-2015