Employees Reveal The Worst Things About Working At Google

We know that Google is now a huge name (Alphabet) and a multi-million dollar company. We know that the company was primarily a search engine provider and then it came up with other products like Google drive and Gmail etc. But when there are so many good things about a company there is bound to be a few bad aspects as well. Nothing is perfect and neither is Google. Though it is said to be one of the best places to work at in this article you will learn that the employees reveal the worst things about working at Google.


When it comes to branding and brand names Google is one of the biggest and one of the best. It is one of the market leaders in search engine providers among other things. The value of the company is beyond recognition. But in such a huge company there are bound to be some setbacks and flaws. It is not easy maintaining all these employees and working with teams scattered all over the world. This article summarizes the reviews of former and current employees at good and the employees reveal the worst things about working at Google.


Everyone is overqualified

Because Google is such a successful company it can afford hiring the best and it does just that. But then there are people that are doing minor jobs, customer support for example. These people are from top notch universities and have graduated at the top of their class. They are simply overqualified for such minor tasks. Some people often decide that it is not worth it and leave the company for other brands where they find more useful.


Though there are not many companies out there that can match the wages and benefits Google offers but then for some people money is not everything and a sense of belonging and recognition is more important. For these kind of people Google is not the ideal place to work at. Though the organization culture is amazing and second to one this problem does exist among the employees that work there.


If something isn’t measurable, it’s worthless

If something cannot be measured in numbers then it is a waste of time in Google’s eyes. This means for something to be of any value at all it needs to be measurable and has to be tangible in order to get any kind of significant response from the company management.


Work-life balance is non-existent

The amazing perks that the company offers is intended to keep the employees at work and avoid taking days off. Therefore it is not possible to maintain work-life balance in such an environment.


Ineffective middle management

The middle management is fixed on enforcing and achieving the goals presented by the upper management and they have no clue how to inspire employees and motivate them towards meeting these goals.

google ineffective middle management

Feeling too small to make an impact

When you are working for such a huge company you will often feel that what you do has very little is no impact at all. This leaves you in an inferiority complex and makes you want to leave and go to a company where you feel appreciated for the work you do and the effort you put into the company.

Feeling too small to make an impact


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