Fall Color Trends of 2015 – Which Shade Defines The Fall Right?

Colors have a very important role in our life. In fact we are surrounded by colors. Colors have meaning and their meanings are different in different countries and societies around the world. The colors we wear often depend on the season. We have bright colored clothes for summer and darker shades for winter. It can be said that the colors we wear depend on the seasons of the year. These colors and trends are always changing and the color you wore last fall may not be in fashion this time. Deciding which color to invest in can be a very tricky business. Which shades will define the fall color trends of 2015? It is food for thought.
One should not underestimate the power of the colors of the clothes we wear. These colors have a distinct meaning and give us a character and persona. This article will give an insight into the color trends that will be worth investing this year. It would be a good idea to follow these trends and pick the colors that suite your style. We have featured some artists in this article that have predicted which colors will be trending in 2005 and which colors will be considered fashionable to wear. All the artists have creatively done work on coming up with different colors for this year. They have proposed colors of their own and made some prediction regarding the trends in fashion and garment colors. Featured below are the colors that the different artists came up with. Hope they will provide some useful insights regarding what to buy the next time you go to the shopping mall. I believe it is worth a read and will be useful to those fashion enthusiasts out there that buy all the latest things in fashion.

1 Fusion 2 FairyTale 3 Rainbow 8 Playful 7 Oxidised 6 FloralFever 5 shadow and light 4 MindsEye 9 Silence 10 Sumptuous 11 humanity 12 spirituality 13 survival 19 dreams 17 origins 16 emotions 15 rituals 14beauty

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