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10 FREE Ready Made PSD Templates For Web Designers & Developers

Free templates are layouts that have been made by designers or developers. These are available to everyone. Some are free while others can be paid. By using such templates you can save time and money. Gone are the days when you had to hire a developer to make your site from scratch. Now you can easily get a themed website template. This way your site is up and running in no time at all. These 10 FREE PSD website templates for web designers 2015 are important today because they save a lot of time and effort. Beside going through a process over and over you can choose a FREE PSD website templates 2015 and customize it according to your needs. Here is another chest full of gems for designer, 100 greatest free fonts of 2015.


10 Ready Made Website Templates For Web Designers


Photo time

1 Photo time

If you’re looking for something that is minimal yet eye catching than this would be the template for you. The template is easy to edit and is also has nice photographic backgrounds so the viewer has something nice to look at all the time. It is elegant and pleasant.


Trekking Store

2 Trekking Store

A template design that is easy to navigate and is for an e-commerce website. The design is very simple but the contrasting colors make the text stand out and make the site look amazing as a whole. Every element looks its part and nothing seems scattered or misplaced. This would be great if you are setting up a site for an online store or if you are trading.



3 Elegant

This is a responsive theme. This means that it will look good across devices and the elements of the site will rearrange itself according to the screen size of the device on which the website is being viewed. This is a good thing for developers because they do not have to make different sites for different platforms and devices. Hence a responsive site saved time and a lot of effort.


Black and White

4 Black and White

No matter which part of the world you live in, black and white have always been a classic contrast. This template is proof of that. This template features a beautiful black and white contrast because of which the text pops out. The effect created by the black and white contrast is something you need to try for yourself to understand.

New Retro Portfolio

5 New Retro Portfolio

This is a single page website design template. It has an old look to it as the name retro gives away. The design is very clean and elegant. The template has many options and features with which you can play around with.



6 Liberty

Another single page design template. The design features social media sharing icons and an arrow that navigates the user from the bottom to the top of the pages. The design also features a contact form.


Single Page Portfolio

7 Single Page Portfolio

This website design template has a huge background image which you can ise to your advantage. It can be used for different projects.




If you are looking for something that is clean and modern then look no further. This template will satisfy your need. It can be used for multiple purposes and also features retina display so that you have a clean and crisp view to look at.


Comedy Central Concept

9 Comedy Central Concept

This template concept has been taken from the comedy central TV channel. It features a gallery in the form of a grid and also has an expanding menu.


These were 10 Free PSD website templates for web designers. Hope they allow you to save time and valuable resources on your next project. These will help you spend your time more effectively on things that are more crucial.

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