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Harry Potter Fan Replicated the Room Under The Stairs at Home

The Harry Potter series was amazing and was a great seller. The book sold millions of copies and there were even Harry Potter movies through the year. People have grown fond of the mystical world of Harry Potter. We have seen cosplays and people buying all kind of merchandise from Harry Potter backpacks to wands and maps. But this Harry Potter fan replicated the room under the stairs at home. He made his own Harry Potter style room in his own house. Now this is next level enthusiasm the likes of which we do not see everyday.

harry potter room under the stairs

Though it may not be the exact same as seen in the movie it will no doubt be a conversation starter when they have people over at their place. Courtney Bonnet the maker of the room and a mother of two said that she was only interested in the space under the stairs and not the rest of the house and only agreed to buy the place after the realtor agrees that she could make the modifications to the space. Now that is something you do not see everyday. I mean who does that? Buy a whole house just for the space under the stairs. Only a hardcore potter fan would do such a thing.

harry potter room under the stairs

harry potter-stairs

On the walls there are pages from the book that were damaged. They are put together to form a wallpaper. There are other Harry Potter inspired decorations too. Courtney says that her children love the Harry Potter inspired room. She wants her children to love books and see what kind of impact books can have on people just the way Harry Potter has had a huge impact on her. This Harry Potter fan replicated the room under the stairs at home.

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