HBO’s Official Blog Accidently Revealed The Name Of Jon Snow’s Father

Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for GoTs season 6 and maybe even 7!

HBOs Game of Thrones recently aired the most happening season finale in the history of the show. Too many major characters died in the acclaimed shows latest episode which marks the end of season 6. The show will return in April with what may be the second last season of the wildly popular TV show.


At the end of this season, the identity of Jon Snows mother was revealed as well details of how the popular character is related to Ned Stark. Lyanna Stark, Ned Starks beloved sister turned out to be Jon Snows mother. However, just when viewers thought they will get to know about Snows father too; the producers decided to keep the fathers identity hidden as Lyanna Stark inaudibly murmured the name of her childs father.

An enthusiastic lip-reading Game of Thrones fan took the internet by storm when she claimed to have understood whose name Lyanna Stark took when she whispered in Ned Starks ear. The fan insisted that Jon Snow is not Ned Starks love child because he is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

The producers as always were tight-lipped about the theories that fans hurl at them on Twitter. They made no exception for this theory either but then someone at HBO couldnt help letting out the not-so-well-guarded secret.

One of HBOs official blogs that goes by the name of Making of Game of Thrones recently uploaded an infographic which traced the bloodlines of the shows major characters, including Jon Snow. The infographic confirmed the widely popular fan theory about Jon Snows father. The newly crowned King in the North is actually Rhaegar Targaryens son. The fan-girl was absolutely correct after all.

Image: makinggameofthrones.com

Image: makinggameofthrones.com

The infographic clearly shows a line labelled parent originating from Jon Snow and extending to Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. With that the R+L=J theory is confirmed.

Talk about killing the suspense!

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