House of Cards Season Four Starts March 4th

House of Cards is one of our favorite TV series and the lead actor Kevin Spacey has just announced that the House of Cards season four starts March 4th. So it is just around the corner. For people that have been following the series religiously I know this will be a huge deal. For other it might not be. We for sure are hyped to hear about this and we just had to share this information with the rest of our viewers. This vital piece of information was announced during the Republican Presidential debate.

house of cards season 4

It seems that our fears of the New Year was all for no reason and that 2016 will be a great year after all. At least for the viewers of House of Cards it will be. With the new season being announced I am sure noone can wait for the New Year to kick off already. The storyline of the TV series has been amazing so far and we were all very emotional when the last season ended especially since it was on such a high note. Let’s hope that the new season will be just as great as we all expect from House of Cards. It has proven to be amazing and we expect nothing less than perfection.

All things aside we are all excited that House of Cards season four starts March 4th 2016. We will be counting the days till the premier of the season and all of us will be in our rooms hooked to Netflix that big day. Till then nothing much we can do than wait for the season to air. Meanwhile you could check out the movies that are in store for 2016 to pass the time that I am sure will seem to be ages. For now Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Source: theverge

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