How Apple 3D Touch Opens Up New Horizons for Mobile Gaming

With the launch of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus Apple has introduced their new 3D touch technology. I believe that this is an amazing breakthrough in technology and that it is a game changer for Apple when it comes to gaming. How Apple 3D touch opens up new horizons for mobile gaming? Let’s take a look.

1 How Apple 3D touch opens new horizons for mobile gaming

The Gaming Demo

Apple showed us a demo of the application of the Apple 3D touch by playing Warhammer on the iPhone 6s. In the game you can shoot at something by a simple tap, pressing a bit harder on the screen allows you to zoom into the specific space in order to have more accurate aim. Taking it another step forward if you press even harder on the Apple 3D touch screen you can switch between weapons. Apple’s new technology showed a lot of promise in the demo. The implication of such technology is practically limitless.

The device is supported by a faster A9 processor so that it can keep up with the performance that games require. The hardware and software are closely integrated to provide fast, accurate responses according to finger pressure. The vibration feedback from the device senses the degree of pressure and not only allows you to see what you are doing on the device but also give you a feel to each of your actions.

2 How Apple 3D touch opens new horizons for mobile gaming

Gaming Innovation

If you think about it, the Apple 3D touch has a lot of potential in gaming. Game designers can come up with new game concepts and make games around the Apple 3D touch feature. Taking advantage of this feature games can become more user friendly and interactive. By implementing this feature the user has the convenience of having his fingers on the screen at all time. Besides that the user can also experience something new rather than the old tapping and dragging. This will provide the user with more control in-game. When it comes to gaming providing the user with a unique gaming experience is key and I believe the Apple 3D touch has the potential to do that. If this is taken seriously and Apple plays its cards right it could revolutionize the mobile gaming industry.


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