How Apple 3D Touch Will Change Your iPhone Experience Forever

Apple introduced force touch in the previous products like Apple Watch. Now they have gone a step further with the concept and have introduced Apple 3D touch technology in their new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus that were launched recently. This is a game changer for Apple and the company has been very innovative with their new feature. This article will tell you exactly how Apple 3D touch will change your iPhone experience forever.

Apple 3D Touch

What is 3D Touch?

3 How 3D Touch Will Change Your iPhone Experience Forever

Apple has been very clever with their new technology and has given the new Apple iPhone screen the ability to sense the amount of pressure that is applied to it. In doing so the screen can perform various different functions compared to the amount of pressure you put onto the screen. A change in pressure exerted on the phone’s screen will result in a change in response on the phone’s UI. To give you a simple example tapping the screen will give you a different response while pressing down hard onto the screen will give you a completely different response or range of options.

How Will 3D Touch be Used?

2 How 3D Touch Will Change Your iPhone Experience Forever

According to Apple, 3D touch will be implemented throughout iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s. Users can tap an Email to see a quick glance or press down hard on the email to completely open it. This new technology will increase the functions of the device and allow users to complete actions quicker and more efficiently. Applications like the mail app and the music app in particular will take advantage of this technology and will make the user experience even better. This new feature will also be available to third party applications. This means that Apple will use this feature extensively throughout iOS 9.


Games will also be able to take advantage of the 3D touch feature. With this feature the user will not have to take his fingers off the screen after each action. With 3D touch the user can simply keep his fingers on the screen and press down on the screen to perform an in-game action. This will provide mobile gaming experience that has never been seen before.

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