How Different Colors effect Human Brains?

Colors have a huge impact in our lives. The funny thing is that not many people know about this. It is actually a very complex study. Scientists and researchers have been studying the relationship between colors and their effects on human behavior. It is no longer a myth and it has been scientifically been proven that color do impact our daily lives and our behavior. Have you ever noticed that we wear different colors in different seasons? We do not wear the same colors all year long. Besides that we also wear different colors for different occasions. We do not dress the same for a wedding and a funeral. Similarly the color used in night vision goggles is green because the human eyes are most sensitive to different shades of green. How different colors effect us in our daily lives is a complete science but we came across this infographic that tell you pretty much everything in a very simple a creative way. The helpful infographic will tell you the impacts of different colors and their application that are being put to use around us but we never notice. It also tells us various facts about colors that are very interesting and most of you will not have known this prior to studying this infographic. You will learn new fun facts related to colors that will amaze you.

You will realize why certain things have a specific color and style. It will also give you useful insights if you are a marketer or a graphic designer. You will learn the mysterious science of colors and see this unknown new world unravel in front of your eyes. A world that is completely new and full of new ideas and innovation that you never realized before. Hope you enjoy this infographic.



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