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How to Design Custom Images for Your Blog

If you work on a blog, just like writing as a hobby or work on a business website you will realize with time that although the content you publish is important, it’s not that effective and eye-catching without images. Good images always draw more attention and keep the viewers hooked longer. I know by now you must be asking yourself how you can get your hands on such images. You need not worry about that because in this article I will explain how to design custom images for your blog.

1 Get In The Right Mindset

Get in the Right Mindset

Being uncertain and not being able to make a decision kills productivity and you do not want that.

Set your expectations

Be realistic when setting goals and dial your expectations down a notch. Expect too much and you will end up being disappointed when you do not reach your mark. You do not want such negative energy. All you want is the motivation to keep on going. All your images do not have to be gallery worthy. They only need to be catchy and effective. Your aim should be to keep the viewer engaged.

Think in pictures

Think, ask yourself how to turn your content into pictures. You need to translate your words into images that explain what your content is all about. The images need to boost the value of the content. Your main goal is to come up with something attractive and engaging.

Set time limits.

Do not take forever on a single image. Set a time limit for how long you are going to take on an image and stand by it religiously. Having time limits is more helpful than you think.


What You’ll Need

2 What You’ll Need


Making a file of icons may seem like a lot of work and it will take some time but it will be a ton of help in making custom images for your blog. The icons can be general but some will need to be specific according to the nature of your work. You do also have the option of buying icons off the internet. There are people out there, designers that make icons and then sell them out to people that need them. If you know a bit about designing and have tried doing it before it is possible that you have icons scattered here and there on your PC, Now would be the time to find them and organize them into a single file so that you can use them when the need arises. When you’re compiling your icons it would be a good idea to add some logos too, for future use. Google search Brands of the World and you will find plenty of brand logos you may need in the future. It’s very easy once you get the hang of it. After you are happy with what you have done collect these icons and logos into a single folder. When arranging icons you need to see which icons are relevant to each other and which ones you will need. Once you have done with the icons you will see that you will be using the copied icons all the time in future projects.

3 What You’ll Need- brand logos

4 What You’ll Need- organize into folder

5 What You’ll Need - generic icons

6 What You’ll Need - generic icons

7 What You’ll Need  generic icons

8 What You’ll Need- generic icons

9 What You’ll Need -generic icons

10 What You’ll Need -generic icons

11 What You’ll Need -generic icons

12 What You’ll Need - generic icons

13 What You’ll Need - generic icons

14 What You’ll Need - generic icons

15 What You’ll Need- generic icons


Another thing you need to do before you start making custom images for you blog is copying inspirational images. These images will be pictures related to your line of work that you could use with your content. For this you should go check out Quick Sprout, Refinery29 and CoSchedule. You will find all kinds of images to use on your blog here.



Another great thing that you should do is organize a couple of swatch sets. Again organizing is key, keep your swatches organized in order to know what goes well with what.



Now It’s Time to Create the Images

Finally we reach the point where we put all the above resources to use and make the actual custom images for your blog.


To start the process decide a color palette and image style that you want to use. From here it’s a simple matter of selecting the icons that best represent your content.

The Process

Find the icons that you need to use in the content and match them with a color you think they would look good in. Some icon will be more targeting than others but you only need to get the message across the board. You do not have to be spot on every single time.


Choose a swatch group that has a lot of bright colors to help you make a good looking background.

20 the process

21 the process

With the style and the swatches picked out all that is left to do is combine all three, the style, icons and the swatches. This part will take the most time and you do not have to be an illustrator professional in order to do this. This will take the most amount of time.

22 the process-finished icons

23 THE PROCESS end image

Extending the Process

The great thing about this process is that you can create multiple custom images for your blog using the same style illustration. Here you can see that the illustration style is same in all the images. All that is different in the images is the composition and arrangement of icons. The process mentioned above is very flexible and you can add your own touch to it when you want to.

24 Extending The Process

Once you have made some great images you can go up another level and try your hand at making infographics.  The great thing is that you can make infographics by using the same process. It’s all about recycling, reusing, mixing and matching the colors, icons and images that you have saved.

26 Extending The Process

Streamlining Further With Even More Recycling


Once you have made some images, organize them and you will have another repository for recycling, mixing and matching. These images can be used to make future images.

A simple trick to do when in a hurry is to take a graphic, add a background and then put on some text.



Have a couple of general header images that you can repurpose to make a custom image for your blog. They may seem to be a bit lame but they do get the job done.



If you are working with a ton of content then by using this process you will be able to create good looking and eye catching custom images for your blog to go with your content. This process will allow you to make custom images for your blog


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