How to Remind Users They Changed Their Password

We covered a password related post earlier and here is another one. Doing something time and time again makes it into a habit. Sometimes even a bad habit. In today’s day and age we have signed up for so many accounts on social media and other platforms that we find it easier to keep all the passwords same or with a slight variation. We become so accustomed to our password that when we change it on one platform we often forget that we did so and when we are notified that the entered password is wrong we think that it must be a typing error. Reminding users they changed their passwords is very important in such cases.


So this is how you remind users that they changed their password

1 Reminding Users They Changed Their Password

Typing in the new password isn’t a habit yet and it does take time to get accustomed to a new password. The old password eventually becomes muscle memory after entering it in so many times.  When users enter an old password instead of giving the user a password error, the user should be informed that the password has been changed and that the old password is being entered. This makes it easier for the user to realize the mistake and to recall what the new password was changed to. This message should serve as a reminder that the user changed the password. There should also be an indication of when the password was changed to make it even more feasible for the user.


Talking about user feasibility another feature we see on sites is the confirm password field, where the users are required to put in their password again in order to see whether or not it matches the previous input.
You might expect users to remember the new password but old habits are hard to break and entering a password is more of a reflex rather than a cognitive process. This is why it is also important for sites to remind users when they change a password. Reminding users they changed their passwords can be useful for both the user and the website. In the huge internet world no one can remember all the passwords they set up and all the platforms they have signed up for. It is easy to get lost on the internet. Something to keep in mind when designing websites.

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