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Mad Max: Fury Road Mobile Game in the Pipes

Everyone knows about the movie Mad Max: Fury Road. It is the third installment in the Mad Max series. The movie features a post-apocalyptic time, there is no more vegetation and nothing grows. Water is scarce and hard to find. The world that we know today is no more and is a waste land. Power belongs to a tyrant that controls the water and other resources. The blood in people’s veins has gone toxic and they rely on other people’s blood to stay alive.

The story is basically about a girl that wants change. She rebels against the tyrant and fights against him for a revolution. She also steals the tyrant’s wives, whom he desperately wants back. The girl goes out into the wilderness in search of a fable, fertile land but in the end finds out that there is no such place and has to come back to have an ultimate showdown with the tyrant. Mad Max: Fury Road is not only an amazing movie but a breathtaking experience and a great joyride. Tom Hardy was epic when it came to his role in the movie. It goes to show that he is an exceptional actor especially when it comes to doing weird roles.

For those out there that just can’t get enough of Mad Max there is some good news. After the PC game there is a mobile game coming out later this year. Although there is not much we can tell you about the game at the moment there are slight hints and clues here and there among the images we found. In the design we find car models. Some are complete and some are labeled “coming soon.” This may hint towards a racing game in mobile app version. If so we would be looking at a Mad Max Fury Road mobile racing game app, coming out soon this year. Something like that coming out would be very different and interesting to play.  The coming soon cars may be an indication towards in-App purchases. Although nothing is for sure, we know that there is something in the pipes and a Max mobile game is in the works.

All this means we have something to look out for later this year. The Mad Max movie may be over but the franchise isn’t quite ready to shut down the name just yet. This is something all Mad Max fans should look forward to.

1 mad max fury road game logo


Mad Max Fury Road Mobile App Cars


2 mad max fury road game


3 mad max fury road game


4 mad max fury road game


5 mad max fury road game


6 mad max fury road game


7 mad max fury road mobile app


8 mad max fury road mobile game


9 mad max fury road mobile app


10 mad max fury road game


11 mad max fury road game


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