McLaren Reveals MP4-X Formula One Concept Car

Jeremy Clarkson said that the MP4-12C sounded like the name for a photocopier machine but he admitted that it was an amazing car to drive especially if you were on the track. All the science and the Gs adding up to make the perfect track wrecking car from McLaren. Later McLaren came with up with a car that beat the last one. The amazingly breathtaking P1. It seems that the company is not quite done yet. In fact McLaren reveals MP4-X formula one concept car that is a thing of beauty.


Though this looks like a stealth fighter jet and has the gadgets and gizmos you would find on one there is a particular focus on safety. There are sensors in the car that warm the driver about a tire blow out as well as other safety features. The concept also features a closed concept design the likes of which have not been seen before. In fact keeping in mind the rates of head injury people at Formula One are thinking about making this a regulation in the next races. This is a great look ahead by McLaren. Keeping the driver safety is of great importance in high speed races where anything can go wrong.

The cockpit is made up of high impact materials that will make the driver more safe. The tint is so that is changes according to the sunlight. Such features make this concept an amazing machine if it is made. The car looks unreal and some if the features that are stated seem to be more science fiction than a reality but people at McLaren say that all of this can be done. Well McLaren has come up with some amazing stuff in the past so we would be fools to doubt their claims right now.

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McLaren reveals MP4-X formula one concept car and it is a looker to say the very least. Now we have to wait and see what is what and what will be the final product that we get when the car finally comes out.

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