Mixed Criticism on The New Twitter Favorite Button

We saw a few weeks back that Facebook was moving away from the like button. Keeping this in mind it is hard to imagine why Twitter would be replacing the favorite option with a heart icon. While this has been implemented recently on Twitter there have been some mixed reactions. This was indeed expected as Twitter is a big deal and millions of people across the world use it on a daily basis. Having such a huge number of users may be good for the company but keeping all those people happy is indeed a very big problem. While some people may like this change there are always people that do not support it or take their time to get up to speed. Needless to say there has been mixed criticism on the new twitter favorite button.

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Changing an icon from a star to a heart is a huge change. Both things have nothing in common. People argue that the star icon was better and that it meant a couple of things the heart does not stand for. The star favorite icon did not necessarily mean that you like the post or support it. It could mean that you have marked the post in order to view it later on. But with the heart icon the story is not the same. The heart is a positive image and it means that you like the post. It could not mean anything else except the obvious.

Mixed Criticism on The New Twitter Favorite Button


There have been mixed reviews about the change but it is safe to say that the majority of the people are against the change and they prefer the star over the heart. There has been mixed criticism on the new Twitter favorite button. We have to wait and see how Twitter responds to all this feedback.

Mixed Criticism on The New Twitter Favorite Button

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