Netflix Provides Streaming to 130 New Markets

The California based companies that started off from delivering DVDs has now taken a huge leap forwards and is now streaming its content around the world to 190 countries. Netflix provides streaming to 130 new markets. This includes Pakistan as well. Netflix has not entered China or North Korea due to regulations by the government and US laws that appear to be a limitation. Though there are laws that keep Netflix from launching in these countries they are still trying and have not given up hope.

Netflix Provides Streaming to 130 New Markets

China is a huge population and a potential market for Netflix and the company is trying to coordinate with the government in order to launch their services successfully in China. There is still work to do but this could happen somewhere down the road. If we talk about Pakistan and other developing countries where Netflix has launched their services I am not really sure how this will work. I mean it is online streaming after all and Pakistan along with other developing countries do not exactly have fast internet. It would be called slow internet if you compare it to the internet speed around the world.

Netflix Provides Streaming to 130 New Markets

This raises a question about how the quality of the service will be the same with such low internet speeds. We are yet to see how people react to these services are local TV operators will in fact be in for a huge challenges as well as TV service providers that are already working in these countries.

If we talk about the company alone then Netflix provides streaming to 130 new markets which include Pakistan. It is a huge step forward for the company and claim that this will be a huge boost for Netflix. The company has left the DVD days behind and are in on a new game and it seems like they are here to stay. All the best Netflix.

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