New Year’s Eve Parties Around the World

Today is New Year’s Eve and  you will want to get to the biggest party that is near you. New Year is a big deal around the world. We give our farewell to the previous year and welcome the coming year. People around the world celebrate New Year’s Eve in different ways but they all do celebrate it. Learn about the New Year’s Eve parties around the world right here. Find out which party is closest to you. Find the most happening New Year’s party near you.


New York

new york New Year’s Eve Parties Around the World

New York is a great place to be on New Year’s Eve. You can find the best New Year’s Eve party right here in New York at Times Square. Even though you cannot drink on the street but you will find brown bags and Mcdonald’s cups here and there. You know how it goes.



Madrid new york New Year’s Eve Parties Around the World

New biggest New Year’s Party in Madrid is at the Puerta del Sol square. People gather around here and wait for the midnight chimes. The bars are open a minute later and you can dance and drink all you want.



Stockholm Madrid new york New Year’s Eve Parties Around the World

New Year’s parties at Stockholm revolve around wine and gingerbread cookies. New Year’s parties here are all about the vantage point that you are able to get.


San Francisco

San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s. With a great display of fireworks and lights all around. New Year’s here is a treat that is not to be missed out on. The city also has some of the best food there is. A great place to rock out on New Year’s Eve 2016.



Bangkok New Year's Party 2016

You do not need to be in the states to enjoy a good New Year’s party. The Thai’s need an excuse to have a good time. A great place to celebrate New Year’s Eve is Bangkok. You will find amazing and Crazy New Year’s Eve parties here. Here you will find fireworks, dancing and water fighting is all the craze.



Tokyo New Years celebrations 2016

New Year’s celebrations in Tokyo are a bit different than around the world. There is not much flash and bang. It is more traditional. People spend time with friends and family at home and go out to temples to pray.



Sydney New Year's fireworks

Sydney has a reputation as one of the big cities to welcome the New Year first. There is a huge crowd near the opera house that is treated to a great fireworks show when the clock strikes 12.


Cape Town

Cape Town New Year's eve parties

Cape Town is a great place to be at New Year’s eve. There is a wide range of parties that you can go to hosted by different people. You could also choose to stay home with the gang and enjoy your New Year’s Eve however you find fit.



Copenhagen New Years Parties

At Copenhagen on New Year’s you can find drunk people and fireworks as well as drunk people with fireworks. So it is a party in short. So if you are one of those people that think that fire does not go well with alcohol then you should stay home and watch the fireworks from the balcony.

This was all about the New Year’s Eve parties around the world. You will find that people have different ways of welcoming the New Year but it is a great celebration all over the world. Let us welcome 2016 and bid farewell to 2015. Have a happy New Year

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