Nicki Minaj an Uprising Feminist Art Muse

We have all heard about the Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus uproar at the MTV VMAs that took place last week. But there is a more pressing matter concerning Nicki Minaj. There is an artist out there that thinks Nicki Minaj is an uprising feminist art muse. The artist in question is Camille Henrot, who is French and has made Nicki Minaj’s music video images into works of art. The artist’s inspiration was the music video of Anaconda and Nicki Minaj’s wild, versatile appeal.

Nicki Minaj an Uprising Feminist Art Muse

Henrot has transformed the music video into a work of art and the young artist has gained quite a lot of fame in doing so. We know that the music video itself went out to break records and broke the billboards back in 2014. Some people even say that the video was a bit too much and that the diva took it a bit too far with the music video. So it is no surprise that the fans like the transformed artistic version of the video. The artist on the other hand had completely opposite remarks. She thinks that the video sends out a very strong message and that the actress may have been a bit vulgar but she was beautiful and majestic at the same time. Obviously the artist was so fond of the actress and the music video that she thought it was worth being a piece of artwork. The internet has labeled Nickie Minaj the uprising feminist art muse.

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Henrot deviated from her usual line of work to make this deviant art and it has paid off for the young artist. She won the Silver Lion Award for the most promising young artist. Her work now features the most sexized images and scenes from the Anaconda video. Nicki Minaj may be labeled as an uprising feminist muse on the internet but does everyone agree with that? I don’t think so.


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