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Photos That Portray the Effects of Global Warming

It is said that humans of the past had gills and that they could go underwater. With the passing time these organs evolved to better suit the changing humans. By the looks of these picture we are going to need those gills back. I wonder how long it took to get rid of them. Looking at the rate of global warming we better gave gills soon or we could all go extinct. Here are some picture that show the effects of the climate change. We have compiled some Photos That Portray the Effects of Global Warming. Just some food for thought so you know how this will affect you in the near future.

Global warming is increasing and we are making it worse instead of better. We burn stuff, cars emit harmful gases, we do not dispose of garbage properly. All this is hurting the environment and as a result we have global warming. The earth’s climate is changing every passing year, every passing season. All these are signs to find better energy sources and environmentally friendly products. We have failed at doing any of this till now. I do not see any clear answer coming up in the future either.

These picture provide insights into the dreadful future nature has in store for us if we do not fix the mess we have created. There is a limit to what the environment can handle and it is passed that limit. Now it is time that we work on a solution to this problem. Otherwise we will be putting future generations in great danger.


Graphics That Portray the Effects of Global Warming

2 Durban_4C


3 London_2C

4 London_4C


5 Mumbai_2C

6 Mumbai_4C


7 wallstreet_2C_C

8 wallstreet_4C_C


9 Rio_2C

10 Rio_4C


11 Shanghai_2C

12 Shanghai_4C


13 Sydney_2C

14 Sydney_4C

In this article we covered Photos That Portray the Effects of Global Warming. Hope this proved to be enough for you to be aware of the environment and take care of it better than we have in the past.

Source: climatecentral

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