Practical Advantages of Being Weird – [Creativity]

The weird mind works in wondrous ways that normal people do not realize. You cannot comprehend what goes on in a weird persons mind. For the weird people out there we completely get you. Weird people are very unique and creative. Here are some practical advantages of being weird.

1 Practical Advantages of Being Weird

Weird People Can Do Great Things

Although these people may seem weird to you but they don’t think that about themselves. The great thing about being different than other people is that you can do amazing things. You think different from other people and have the ability to notice things that other people ignore. If you look into history you will find out that all the major things and changes brought through the ages were thought out or created by weird people that did not fit into society. They were the rebels of society that thought and acted differently. If these weirdos happened to be normal then many of the things we use today would not exist.

2 A beautiful (weird) mind

A Beautiful Mind

A weird person’s mind works in an amazing way. Your mind filters stuff, information that is not relevant or closely relevant. That way you remember only information that matters. Weird people on the other hand cannot ignore anything and their mind does not filter out information according to relevance. They often have multiple things going on in their minds simultaneously.


The ability to observe everything happening around you is important for creativity so weird people are actually more creative because they do not filter out information like normal people would.

3 Embracing the weirdness

Accepting Being Different

A normal person would take a comment about him being different to heart and will try and counter the argument or correct himself. While on the other hand a weird person will not do so. They accept who they are and do not care what others say about them. Weird people are also open to new experiences which normal people would avoid.

People do not realize that creativity comes from stepping out of ones own created boundaries. Creativity will not come by sitting at home, being a couch potato. Creativity comes from fresh, new experiences and that is exactly what weird people are looking for.

4 Weird Individuals VS Weird Groups

Weird Individuals VS Weird Groups

Although individualism is important for creativity a group has more potential when it comes to coming up with unique ideas. Three heads are always better than one. One individual cannot outshine a group when it comes to creativity because in a group you have a whole pool of creative ideas to choose from.


I hope this article provided you with an insight of how amazing weird people are and how they function. These were some practical advantages of being weird.

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