Russell Powell’s Realistic Hand Painted Portraits

Painting portraits has always been something that fascinates people. Mainly because portraits are very detail oriented. Even the best artists flinch when they have to make a realistic hand painted portrait. It takes a certain degree of skill and experience to make something like this. It is a very tricky and time consuming job to make a hand painted portrait of someone. This is mainly the reason why they are so expensive. It is very hard to find a painter that can make a lifelike portrait of someone. Russell Powell’s realistic hand painted portraits are one of the extraordinary works of art. In a funny way they are literally hand painted.


Russell Powell is a talented artist that makes realistic hand painted portraits of people. Why have we chosen to talk about him when there are dozens of other people that do the same? Simply because of his technique of painting. What he does is really amazing. He paints parts of portraits on his hand and then he applies his painted hand on the canvas. After repeatedly doing this he creates an amazing portrait. This technique is unlike anything that I have seen before.  

This modern day artist has created many unique works of art using this technique. Smudging your painted hand on the canvas creates a very unique old look effect. His work is very realistic and detailed. This method of creating portraits is unique and creative. The portraits are literally hand painted.

Russell Powell’s Realistic Hand Painted Portraits

Russell Powell’s Realistic Portraits

4 Russell Powell’s Realistic Portraits

5 Realistic Hand Painted Portraits

6 Realistic Hand Painted Portraits

7 Realistic Hand Painted Portraits

8 Russell Powell

This was all about Russell Powell’s realistic hand painted portraits. His artwork is amazingly realistic and very detailed. See his work here and admire the creative technique of the artist. This is indeed modern at its best. People like Russell Powell are hard to find. Many artists do not get the platform to express their ideas and work. It is a good thing Russell Powell found his way.

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