Sherlock Special Episode and all New Season

The game is on, once again. Wonder where Sherlock and Watson went off to? Wonder no more, wait no longer because the duo is back. This Christmas and New Year is going to be a great one. Why you ask? Because the Sherlock special episode and all new season is coming out and we just cannot wait any longer. Our favorite detective Sherlock and his best friend/wingman will be back in action real soon. We will pick up where the previous season left off and we all know that it was a pretty high note.

Sherlock season 4

The Sherlock Christmas special will air on New Year’s Day and soon after that the all new season 4 will also be airing. We will get the chance to see what the whole Moriarty being on every screen mystery was. I have been wondering about that for quite some time now. I mean he clearly could not come back. I have my theories and I am the rest of you have yours too but the wait is over and the game is on. Soon everything will be disclosed. The Christmas special will be a blast and there are three more episodes that will follow. We will be treated with not three but four episodes of Sherlock.

The Sherlock special episode and all new season are just around the corner. What a way to start the next year, I could think of nothing better. Sherlock is British television at its finest and a show that is worth watching to say the very least. I am sure everyone else is as excited about this news as I am. The previous series have been amazing and we all love the 90 minute long episodes that let you explore the world of Sherlock and Watson. We expect nothing less than perfection from the coming episodes and I know we will not be disappointed.

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