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Sikh Community is Feeding 14,000 Syrian Refugees Daily

We all know about the devastation that is taking place in Syria, where millions of people are fleeing their homeland to live another day and in hope of a better life. These refugees have left their home and belongings behind. While some people are changing their display pictures of social media to support these people it does not affect them much. I mean seriously who are we kidding? This helps noone. On the other hand there are people out there that are actually making a change and helping out the refugees of Syria. The Sikh community is feeding 14,000 Syrian refugees daily.

langar aid

Hospitality is part of the Sikh culture and way of life. They have taken this tradition a step further and extended their hospitality to the Syrian refugees that rely on other people for help. Langar Aid is based in UK and consists of volunteers that have an Indian background. These people are working hard and trying to make the lives of the Syrian refugees who have fled, a little better. These refugees are deprived of the most basic human needs. This NGO is helping provide food to these refugees.

langar aid

Volunteers are helping to feed these deprived refugees. Feeding 14,000 people daily is no small task and the NGO has being doing so for about a year now. They are taking care of the people that need the most help. Besides this they also have a small school where they provide education to 5000 children. This is the kind of work and effort we need to see from other people to. As human beings were have a duty towards other human beings to help them in their time of need.

langar aid

The Sikh community is feeding 14,000 Syrian refugees daily and they are doing an admirable job at it. We need to see more people help the needy and deprived. This is the kind of work we need to see from the rest of the people around the world.

Source: yourstory

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