Mickey Mouse Trojan Horse That Will Stream Disney to China

We know Disney as an an entertainment brand. Everything from the Disney Channel and cartoons to Disney World. The brand stands for entertainment at its finest. At a recent event Disney revealed a Mickey Mouse Trojan horse that will stream Disney to China. This was made possible due to an agreement between Disney and Ali Baba. The device is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. It is pretty much like the Chromecast or Fire TV. But with only one service to subscribe to. That is DisneyLife.


The device costs $125 and will be shipping to China soon and will enable customers there to use the internet to view all kinds of Disney content including but not limited to the cartoons, e-books and movies. This service was previously started in the United Kingdom this previous November. Users will also be able to plan trips to Disney Land using the device. The device will be shipped from 28 December and the price includes a year of the service subscription. Though it has not been stated how much the subscription will cost after the year time period is over. In the UK the monthly fee is $15. There could be a change in the subscription cost according to the change in the market but you never know. We cannot be certain unless some hard numbers are revealed.


This product will help the brand penetrate the Chinese market and will help in getting revenues. Let’s see if this venture will be successful or not. It is a great initiative taking a leap from one market to the other but China is dangerous territory and one business model that works in other parts of the world may not apply to another. All we can do for now is wait and see how the viewers in China respond to this device. All that is sure for now is that the Mickey Mouse Trojan horse that will stream Disney to China will cost $125 and that shipping will start December 28th.


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