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Surface Book First Ever Laptop By Microsoft 2015

Last week Microsoft unveiled their first ever take on a laptop. At the device launch event they showed the new Surface Pro 4 and then introduced a laptop that they had been working on. The team was very clever when it came to the presentation. They presented the laptop, never showing that it was a hybrid 2-in-1 device till the very end. This left the audience staggered and taken by surprise. In this article we will cover the Surface Book first ever laptop by Microsoft 2015.

Microsoft surface book front back

So according to Microsoft the Surface Book is the Surface for the people that want a Surface laptop and in essence it is actually a Surface just like the Surface Pro 4. The difference being that while the Surface Pro comes with a type cover the Surface Book comes with an actual keyboard just like any other laptop. What the Surface Book has is a bigger screen, a keyboard, more power and a longer lasting battery.

Microsoft Surface Book Impressions

While the Pro 4 has a bigger screen than the Pro 3 the Surface Book takes another step ahead with more than 13 inches of screen. All this is done without changing the footprint. Microsoft has achieved the increase in screen size by reducing the bezels at the sides of the screen. The screen also has the slimmest gorilla glass 4 ever shipped in a PC in order to provide the best touch and pen experience possible. According to the company the screen has been tailored to feel like a clipboard so that it feels natural to hold and use. Not only that, the thin glass on the screen makes the user feel like writing on a paper like in daily life.

Microsoft Surface-Book

The high end version of the Surface Book has 16GB or ram and 1TB of storage on board. The company claims that the device will have a battery life of 12 hours. Though this seems to be impossible but you never know. The laptop is packed with power and the device has dual graphics on board. After all this is the Surface Book first ever laptop by Microsoft 2015 and being a windows user I expect nothing less than the very best.


Microsoft claims that the typing experience is perfect on the Surface Book and that can be a true claim as the company has been making keys for some time now and they are the ones that introduced the ergonomic keyboard. There is no doubt in my mind that the typing experience will be amazing on this device once it comes out for the general consumers.

Microsoft Surface Book

The design of the device is absolutely beautiful. The matt white of the laptop along with the white back lit keyboard look amazing together. The track pad has no visible buttons on it and seems like on single piece which it most probably is because it is in fact made of glass. According to Microsoft the track pad is so smooth that your fingers will glide on top of it. It is also touch enabled so that you can do all kinds of gestures on it and take full advantage of the new Windows 10 operating system. The keys have a 16mm key travel that has been increased from the Surface Pro tablet series to give the ultimate typing experience for people sitting on their desks and on the go.

Microsoft Surface Book Tablet

The Surface Book first ever laptop by Microsoft 2015 and it is available for pre-order as you read this. The device will be launched on 26th October and we shall see then how the device actually performs and feels like. By the looks of things it does seem like an amazing device and a rival for the MacBook Pro.

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