The 10 Most Influential Style Bloggers in 2015

Blogging is the modern way companies create awareness regarding their brand or product. There are bloggers out there who promote brands, collaborate with them and help people when it comes to fashion. These are very influential people with a lot of fan following. A single review from one of these people has the power to make or break a brand. Here is a list of the 10 most influential style bloggers.



10) Nicolette Mason

10 NICOLETTE style blogger

Mason writes a monthly piece for Marie Claire. She is one of the most followed blogger in the business at the moment. she has a huge fan following and reaches her fans through her blog posts. Being just 29 years old the blogger had a huge role in the marketing and social media promotion of Ava & Viv. She also shares style advice on different TV programs and morning shows. She is on the list of influential bloggers because she uses her fan following and blog to discuss social issues and problems.


9) Shea Marie

9 Shea Marie style blogger fashio icon

The 27 year old blogger from Los Angeles is a TV host and has worked with big names such as GUCCI and Guess.


8) Bryanboy

8 Bryanboy style blogger

Bryan Grey who started off as an online diary writer has turned into an internet phenomena. He is an influencer and a style icon. He has a huge range of followers from the middle class to the luxury tycoons. While other bloggers have been checked off the big shot list Bryan continues to provide viewers with quality insights and style tips. The 32 year old is indeed an influential style blogger.


7) Nicole Warne

7 Nicole-Warne

The 25 year old blogger from Sydney launched her Gary Pepper Girl  e-commerce website back in 2009 and has since been a huge influential blogger and style icon. This worked out very well for the blogger and in 2011 her website was one of the biggest clothing retailer in all of Australia.


6) Rumi Neely

6 Rumi Neely instagram

Rumi Neely, the 31 year old blogger launched her site Fashion Toast  in 2007. The blog features images of cool clothing. The image filled blog attracted a lot of followers and Neely became a fashion icon.


5) Julie Sariñana

5 Julie Sariñana influencial style blogger

This 29 year old blogger from L.A launched her site Sincerely Jules in 2009. Her trendy style of shirts that were simple let inspirational and soon were everywhere on the internet and everyone wanted what she had to offer.


4) Kristina Bazan

4 Kristina Bazan style icon blogger

The 21 year old blogger slash model has an astonishing following on Facebook, where she has 1.1 million likes. If that was not enough she also has a major presence on Instagram. Keeping all this fan following in mind there is no surprise that the blogger has a huge influence on people. She is a fashion icon and an influential blogger.


3) Wendy Nguyen

3 Wendy Nguyen style blogger

Another blogger from L.A Wendy Nguyen is majorly known for YouTube channel. Her channel currently has more than 6 million followers which is a big number for a 31 year old. The writer provides her readers with unique content that is very engaging and attractive.


2) Aimee Song

2 Aimee Song influential style blogger

The 28 year old interior designer has an Instagram following of 1.9 million and a YouTube subscription of about 28 thousand.


1) Chiara Ferragni

1 Chiara Ferragni most influenctial style blogger

At number one of the list of top 10 most influential style bloggers we have Chiara Ferragni. The 28 year old blogger from Italy has a higher fan following than any other blogger on the internet today. She currently has an Instagram following of more than 3 million. She is indeed the most influential blogger in the word and a fashion icon not only in the US but also in Europe.

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