The 10 New Developments in The Advertising World – 2015

The modern age is full of information and changing trends. The world is changing faster than we can keep track. In this article we will tell you about the 10 new developments in the advertising world. This will help you be on top of what is new. In an age where the most valuable thing is information being on top of what is new is key. These update concern big names around the world that influence us in one way or another. Check these out and stay on top of the news.


1)  Facebook plans to appeal a Belgian ruling order

Facebook was taken to court by the Belgian ruling. According to them Facebook is keeping tabs on users that do not use Facebook. This is in violation of the European Union laws. Facebook will have to appeal in cord regarding this accusation or suffer huge daily fines.


2)  Apple wants to make its stores more like window shopping

Apple wants to change the experience of it’s stores for customers. Right now the products are hung on the walls at the back but this will soon change as the stores are designed to be more like window shopping.


3)  Birchbox CEO says there is one thing competitors can never steal

According to Katia Beauchamp the CEO of Birchbox one thing competitors cannot steal from your business is the vision of the founders.


4)  Rumblr app is actually just a marketing stunt

The Rumblr application that was like the Tinder for fighting was just a marketing stunt. It was getting a huge amount of press coverage a few days back.


5)  Yahoo’s execs to sign 3- to 5-year commitments

Marissa Mayer is asking the yahoo executive body to sign commitments to the company ranging from 3 to 5 years. Yahoo has also hired the services of McKinsey and Co. They will help decide the structure of the company and future prospects. This is number 5 on the list of the 10 new developments in the advertising world.


6)  Ader investment manager on why Time Warner shares pummeled

The Ader investment manager Eric Jackson has a theory on why Time Warner shares declines last week. It is clear that no media company is going to come up with a new user experience any time soon.


7) Tinder trying to raise $400 million

Tinder about to offer 33,333,333 common stocks for $12-14 per share.


8)  CBS close to selling out all its Super Bowl ads

Buyers have been paying up to $5 million for 30 second time slots on CBS for the Super Bowl.


9) People outraged by Starbucks’ plain red cups

People do not like the new Starbucks cups because they are plain red and do not have any Christmas decorations.  


10) Target selling sweater that makes light of OCD

Target store is selling a sweater that reads OCD as in Obsessive Christmas Disorder.

These were the 10 new developments in the advertising world. Hope they provide you with some valuable insights into things.

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