The 7 Tenets of Effective Brand Building

One of the major dilemmas in brand building is  “what makes a great brand?” In order to answer this question you need to be clear regarding what your brand does and what it is you have visioned it to be? What you want the customer to feel regarding the brand? How you want your employees to react? How do you aim to achieve success? Should you go for online brand building? You need to ask yourself all these questions and have a basic structure in  mind. Below are seven tenets of brand building that will help you out in your journey for brand building.


1) Define your brand

Define your brand

Be sure what your brand will stand for and what will come into the minds of people when they hear your brand name. Check who your target market is and figure out its rational, emotional and latent needs when it comes to products concerning your brand and brand category.


2) Think of your brand as a personality


Each brand has a personality, think of it more as a person and less as property. People are known by their traits and their characteristics. The same goes for brands and brand name. A couple of things go together to portray what your brand is and what is stands for. Looking at the golden arches you instantly think of mcdonalds and fast food. This is because mcdonald’s has associated itself with the golden arches in its logo and we recognise it wherever we see it. When we think about a brand a certain character comes to mind and you need to have a clear understanding of the image you are projecting for your audience to see.


3) Create lasting relationships with customers

Create lasting relationships with customers

Do not make promises you cannot keep. A strong brand delivers what it proposes and offers, breaking promises is never a good sign and is a warning flag to keep it simple and take a step back. Have a clear understanding of the values of the company and stand by it always.


4) Do not try to copy other brands

If people wanted what other brands offered they would go there. Your brand has to be unique and needs to provide the customer with a product that he or she can associate with your brand and your brand alone. Copying big names leads nowhere and saturates the market with similar products that people end up getting tired of. Nobody wants that.


5) Be bold for a change

It is good to be bold and take risks from time to time. Coming up with a creative idea that is both engaging and effective is always good. You need to take risks at times and they often do give good results. Just be careful not to tread too far.


6) Create suspense and mystery

Do not just give up your brand to the customer, keep some things to yourself and allow the customer to discover certain qualities of the brand for himself. This way the customer can make a better association with the brand.


7) Maintain brand image

Maintain brand image

Although cutting prices for the customer may seem to be the best way to increase sales but that is not always the case and neither is it best to do so. Try to make your offering better instead of bringing down the prices. Giving more for less is better then dropping down the price and hurting the brand image.


Although having bigger names as role models may seem to be a great idea but doing it in your own unique way is still a way better way to go. Having a unique image and persona is always healthy for a brand and keeping a good relationship with customers is vital. Remember that your brand is not just a name but an actual person that people can relate to and recognize.


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