The Addictive Superhero Maker App Got a New Look

We all love superheroes and heroines. We have all had a time in our life when we fantasized about having super powers. Don’t act like you are not one of those people because I know you are. There is a new app which is for people like you and me that like superheroes and want to create your own superhero. We have ideas of superheroes that have not been put on the big screen and need a shot. This application is available on android and you can download it off the Google play store right now. Here is all about the addictive superhero maker app.

Create your own superhero

You are in control of this app and you choose where to go next. You decide what kind of person your superhero is. He or she could be from the human race or a different alien race noone has ever heard of. You can design your superhero costume and change details. You can make your unique superhero and give him or her superpowers. When you are done and satisfied with what you have created you can work on another superhero. After you have created a bunch of superheroes you can gather them up at your headquarters and fight against villains. You can also share what you have created with your friends over the social media.

The superhero maker app has a rating of 2.7 and around 100,000 people have downloaded it already. Creating your own superhero is fun. There are plenty of customization options on the app but the users still complain that they are not enough. Also the ads in the app are also very annoying. Things like these impact the user experience and should be avoided. Why the application makers did not think of this beforehand is beyond me.

The New Addictive Superhero Maker App

What makes this game a great idea is the fact that it reaches out to all of us and brings out the small child inside us that wants to be a superhero. It reminds us of the time when we dreamed of having superpowers. Though this app does not give us superpowers it does help us fulfill half of the dream do creating our own superhero. This is the main reason why I think the game has a lot of potential and appeal. Not only will children and teens be attracted towards it young adults will want to give it a try and make their own superhero. The game is all about ideas and creativity. Everyone loves superheroes and everyone loves a creative game where you are in control. Merging the two and making cool superhero maker app to create your own superhero.

In short the new addictive superhero maker app is a great idea. It has potential for growth and can be made a lot better. One of the first things the app maker needs to do is remove the ads. The ads are one of the main drawbacks to the game. Besides that the idea is great and it just needs better execution. If the game is tweaked a bit then it will be a great game to play and one to keep on your phone and prefer to friends. Right now it is more of a raw idea than a properly polished application. Keeping that in mind I do not think many people will take it seriously.

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