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The All New Surface Pro 4 By Microsoft

Previously last week Microsoft launched the successor to the Surface Pro 3 that we were all waiting for, the Surface Pro 4. The challenge with the surface Pro 4 by Microsoft was that the Surface Pro 3 was already loved by its users and purchasers. How could Microsoft take this loved device and make it better than it already was? Indeed this was not a simple task and Microsoft had to make sure that the device was not ruined in the process. The company repute was on the line. But in the end Microsoft has pulled it off with style and has introduced the Surface Pro 4. In this article we will tell you all about the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft.


The Surface Pro 3 had a 12 inch touch screen while the Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3 inch touch screen but the amazing thing is that the device size has not changed at all. Microsoft has achieved this increase in size by reducing the size of the bezels and hence making more room for the screen.


Another thing that should be noted is that the company has taken into consideration a lot of things that the customer’s wanted. The customers asked for more RAM and the company has given them just that with up to 16GB or ram. Another thing that the users wanted was more disk space and with the Surface Pro 4 you cannot get up to 1TB of disk space. This makes the Surface Pro 4 an extremely amazing powerhouse to deal with your day to day activities.


Not only is the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft a powerful device is it also beautiful to look at. The metallic body both feels and looks amazing. The device has been shaped to depict an A4 piece of paper so that it feels natural when you write on it with the pen or place it in your lap when you are working on it. The glass on the screen is the slimmest ever shipped on a tablet so that the user gets the best pen and touch experience possible.


With the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft you also get face recognition and windows hello. There is a thumb print scanner on the cover. The keys are more far apart so that you have a better typing experience than on the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft is indeed a very stylish, professional and powerful device that can handle very complex processes. You will be surprised by the amount of productivity and power this tablet PC has to offer. Looks may be deceiving but inside there is a ton of power waiting to be unleashed.

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