The Crappy First Jobs of Presidential Candidates – US

Although these people maybe contending for the best job in all of America but do you know where they started from? None of these men and women started from the top. They make their way to where they are today. Their first jobs will leave you shocked and surprised. They all started from the bottom and worked hard to be where they are today. Running for president is something not to be taken lightly and not everyone get the opportunity. Here are the crappy first jobs of presidential candidates.

1) Hillary Clinton supervised park activities


Hillary Clinton’s first paying job was supervising a park that was near her home. Before this she was babysitting at the age of 13. She says that her parents wanted her to learn the value of a dollar and the hard work put into a job well done.

2) Donald Trump collected bottles

Donald Trump collected bottles

Donald Trump is a millionaire now but that was not always the case. Though he was from a wealthy family his father wanted him to realize the value of money. His father would take him to construction sites and collect empty soda cans in exchange for money. Though he did not earn much from that he learned that making money was not something easy.

3) Martin O’Malley played Irish music


He played Irish music in pubs with this coach and got his first gig at the age of 17. He and his band kept playing 20 songs all night and because the money kept coming in they kept it coming.


4) Jeb Bush was a door-to-door salesman


Although it was never disclosed what it was that he sold. Bush’s first job was a door-to-to sales person.


5) Bernie Sanders worked as a carpenter and filmmaker


Before becoming the mayor of Burlington in Vermont in 1981 Sanders worked a carpenter and documentary maker. This was his first occupation.


6) Ben Carson assisted in a laboratory


At number 6 on the list of the crappy first jobs of presidential candidates we have Ben Carson who used to be an assistant in a laboratory. Being from a poor background he worked his way through college.


7) Carly Fiorina was a receptionist


While at Stanford this former HP CEO worked as a receptionist at a hair salon. She spent her summers working temporary jobs as an assistant.


8) Chris Christie pumped gas


During his high school Christie pumped gas at gas stations.


9) Marco Rubio built birdcages


His brother in law had a business of importing and exporting exotic birds and so in this high school years Rubio would make bird cages for the company.


10) Rand Paul mowed lawns


This presidential candidate mowed lawns at Lake Jackson.


11) Lindsey Graham ran the poolroom in his family’s bar


His parents had their own family business and Graham ran the poolroom at the bar.


12) George Pataki helped run the family farm


Pataki grew up on his family’s farm and working there was his first job.


These were the crappy first jobs of presidential candidates. Hope they inspire you to work hard in life in order to achieve success.

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