The Facebook Dislike Button is Finally Coming Out

Ever since the like button option came on Facebook people have been asking for a similar dislike button. Although some sites did in fact implement this dislike button but no such thing as a Facebook dislike button ever came up. But now we are happy to inform you that the Facebook dislike button is finally coming out.


It has been reported that many people have asked Mark Zuckerberg for a Facebook dislike button but the founder of the company had no plans to turn the idea into a reality. Now Mark has changed his mind and has said that the company is currently working on a Facebook dislike button that users will use to show empathy. It only seems fair that if you can like something you should also have the ability to dislike something. Mark said the thumbs down Facebook dislike button is not for marking down a post but instead for times when it is not appropriate to like a post. Though these are the intentions of Mark Zuckerberg, how the users will use this new option will be up to them to decide.


According to the company the Facebook dislike button does not mean that the feature will make users turn on each other. The option is for showing disapproval or sadness upon someone’s death or tragedy. It is something that people need to use responsibly and sensibly. People have waited for the chance to dislike other people’s posts for some time now and I believe that people will have different takes on how they want to use this new found power. The people’s wishes are coming true and the Facebook dislike button is finally coming out. All we have to do now is wait and see what people do with this button.

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