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The Future of CGI and Visual Effects Lies in China

It has been in the pipes for a while now that the future of 3D is slowly moving to china. Looking at the development and progress of the world’s second largest economy this could come true sooner than we expected. Not long ago China launched The Jiangye Newtown Technology Park which is the equivalent of Silicon Valley. The technology park aims to propel the 3D industry into the future. A total of one hundred companies are set up in the park that are working with games, animation, and films, as well as new emerging media.

Silicon Valley’s Chinese Equivalent

On the Top

One of the companies at the park is Base FX which is a company based in Beijing. The company was founded back in 2006 to serve Hollywood, local and Asian media industries. The company has worked on big names like Captain America: Winter Soldier, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Agent Carter. Keeping these big names in mind 2014 has been a good year for them and the same can be said about 2015. The company does face challenges when it comes to working in China because local movies do not have the budget for Hollywood grade effects. The company relies on international movies that have bigger budgets to make profit and show their work.

Cultural difference

3D animations in China

The people in China are usually self-taught and like to be in charge of the shots from top to bottom. This can cause a lot of problems and is not considered an effective way to go by. Some artists are great but majority have huge weaknesses that show up when they are working on big projects. Although the process is slow we do see change in the traditional ways of the Chinese. They are moving towards a more streamlined approach. They have taken the first step forward but there is still a long way to go. This cultural difference would cause a barrier for a foreign company that might want to set up in China. It would be better to collaborate with a Chinese company rather than having a complete set up there.

Homegrown firms

3 home grown firms

The homegrown firms are the ones that are most likely to dominate the huge market. Original Force that was founded in 1999, works in gaming, animation and CGI production. The company was invited in 2011 to work on the “How to Train Your Dragon” TV series.

2 cultural differences

China is indeed moving forward in the fields of CG, 3D and animation. In Fact the animation and effects industry could very well be outsourced to China. The only hindrance would be the cultural difference. Other than that I see no reason why big movie makers would not work with Chinese studios. China’s studios can be equal to Silicon Valley.

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