The Loup Winter Collection for Kids 2015

The Loup winter collection for Kids 2015 is a masterpiece. The simple and elegant design along with the way it is presented is pleasing to the eyes and very attractive indeed. The color scheme is also soft and very gentle. The designer has done a very good job at combining a human factor with a material factor by featuring babies in his images along with abstract art. The fusion of both has gone well together partly because of the color scheme and partially because of the amazing camera angles. The artwork has such a gentle feel to it that it looks like a slight whisper would break the décor. The lighting, background, décor, shadows and subjects, everything blends together to produce an amazing work of art.

1 The Loup winter collection for 2015

The clothes that the babies are wearing are also very simple and the colors match that of the décor. The babies themselves add a very soft and gentle feel to the photography. The night wear on the babies are very cute and adorable. The babies seem very comfortable and at ease in their clothing. Something that looks so good also needs to feel good to. That feeling can be seen in the faces and the expressions of the babies in the pictures. The LOUP winter collection is something out of the ordinary and the designer has gone to the very depths of the idea to bring back something new, fresh and versatile. Though the images features babies I think the clothing would look equally good on adults.

2 The Loup winter collection for 2015

The LOUP winter collection for 2015 is something out of the ordinary, fresh and pleasant to the eyes. I have not seen something that is so simple and yet so fascinating before. A single glance at one of these images makes you wonder what the designers intentions were behind this project.

3 The Loup winter collection for 2015

4 The Loup winter collection for 2015

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