The Reasons Behind New Era of Travel Photography

The internet has changed our lives in more ways than we can imagine. We are now more connected with each other’s lives than ever before. Same goes for photography, we can experience places people have been to at the leisure of our homes, without stepping out of the door. We do through thousands of images a day through social media and different feeds that we follow. Technology has enabled us to experience life like never before and has made the whole world a global village. Here are the reasons behind new era of travel photography.

1 The search for meaning

The search for meaning

People are reaching out to each other in the search for a meaningful experience.  We now have devices like GoPro and drone to help us capture scenes and views that were not possible before. Drones can reach places man himself cannot. This enables people to take amazing pictures of different places around the world. This is one of the reasons behind the new era of travel photography.

2 Living vicariously

Living vicariously

Social media and mobile technology that is very portable has allowed us to live life at home and experience things while at home. In today’s world we can witness any part of the world through our laptops and tablets while never actually going there.  Humans yearn for new experiences and when they cannot do something physically the next best thing is to do it digitally.

3 Secular spirituality

Secular spirituality

We are fascinated by mysteries and what lies in the unknown. Hence many of us go out there alone, to see the world. The more we travel the more we want to witness the uniqueness of the world. Deep down in our heart we all want to see the marvels of life, the landmarks around the world that are equal to none. Man has such fascination for the unknown that he has traveled into space in search of what lies beyond this earth.

4 Use in advertising

Use in advertising

Companies today are taking advantage of man’s wish to wander the world in search of unique objects and landmarks. Companies exploit this characteristic of human nature in their advertising campaigns.

5 Use in advertising

No matter whether the experience is real or digital. We all want to go round the world and see what it has to offer and search the mysterious lands for questions that are unanswered. These are the reasons behind the new era of travel photography.


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