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Things Agencies Say When They Don’t Want to Pay

We have all had a client that is not willing to pay up when the job is done. IF you are a freelancer then you have probably heard these lines more than other people. As shocking as it is not only do startup have these excuses for not paying, big shot companies have them too. They will use different excuses to either pay less or at time not pay at all. Although these may seem funny to some people these excuses are actually very frustrating for people in the freelancing line of work. The thing that I don’t understand is that, why these companies don’t understand is that nothing in life is free? How can companies expect someone to work with no incentive at all? If someone has the skills and has been working on a project that will earn a company money surely he deserves a fair share in that amount. We have all heard these things agencies say when they don’t want to pay at one point or another.


We all know that nothing in life comes free. Even the toys we get in happy meals at fast food franchises are paid for. Why companies do not get this is beyond me. It is common knowledge and isn’t some form of rocket science. People should be paid for the work they have done. Making these excuses not only ruins the brand name but it is also awkward to the person who has been giving his precious time to the project.


I believe that people should be paid fairly and companies should not make these lame excuses. People are not fools and they know what their work is worth. Companies should keep in mind that their reputation is on the line when they make such comments and excuses. In this age of social media such excuses can break a brand’s image very easily. All it takes is a frustrated blogger with an internet connection. Below are images that portray things companies say to not pay.

1 things companies say to not pay 2 things companies say to not pay 3 things companies say to not pay 4 things companies say to not pay 5 things companies say to not pay 6 things companies say to not pay 7 things companies say to not pay 8 things companies say to not pay 9 things companies say to not pay

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