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Top 10 Best iPad Pro Apps For Graphic Designers

Graphic designers need productivity and flexibility in their work. Often they work on the move and need to change something in their designs when they are away from their systems. You can’t have your desired system with you all the time and for such times and such people we have compiled a list of top 10 best iPad Pro apps for graphic designers. With these apps you can be productive on the move. It can be hard to move around with your computer or laptop but an iPad is something that is light and easy to carry around with you. These devices increase productivity and are huge help to graphic designers.

The best iPad apps

01. Procreate


This app takes advantage of the Apple pencil and will be a great help for you if what you do is sketching and drawing. Creating something on this is easy and fast. The design is very simple and you can get your way around it in minutes.


02. Noteshelf

Noteshelf app

This the the app for the people that want a digital sketch book instead of a canvas. If you doodle and scribble now and then you should download this app.


03. Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC

Adobe is a name associated with productivity. This is one of their applications for the iPad. This will be helpful in creating mockups and wireframes. For the designers that are on the move this is a great app to have installed on your iPad.


04. Things for iPad

Things for iPad

A task manager is always helpful to keep track of projects and their progress. This application will ensure productivity and help you communicate better with all the people you have working with you.


05. OmniPlan 2

OmniPlan 2

A project planning app for big complex projects that are dear to you. This application will help you keep track of what you are doing and how work is coming along. Keeping track of your work as well as other members of your team.


06. Status Board

Status Board

If you need vital information at a glance then install Status Board. You can customize all the information you need to keep track of on a single screen. View it on a single screen with eas with Status Board.


07. Slack

Slack app

Number 7 on the list of  top 10 iPad Pro apps for graphic designers we have Slack. Slack is a messaging tool that will save you time. Why send emails when you can use Slack instead. Do not worry about all the options you get with email because they are integrated with Slack. Have your team try this application and save time.


08. Duet Display

Duet Display

Having your iPad as a second screen can be a very productive option. It is possible with Duet Display. Turn your iPad into a second display and do multiple task at once without switching programs.


09. Invoice2go


Track and create your invoices with you iPad. Download Invoice2go and do productive work on the move.

10. Digital magazines

Digital magazines

For times when you are bored and need to read something or simply when you need to research for inspiration. Digital magazines provide you with vast amounts of content. Having digital magazines at your disposal is effective, fast and economical.


These were the top 10 iPad Pro apps for graphic designers. Hope you find these apps useful and productive. These apps are perfect for people that move around and need to work on the move.

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