Top Fashion Trends you Should Expect in 2016

Fashion is always changing but you can always look at the trends in order to decide what to buy next. Following fashion trends allows you to see what is coming up in fashion and what is coming back. So you may not have to throw away your old clothes after all. You never know that may come up out of the blue. We have seen multiple trends reappear these previous years. For you to have a bit of an insight into the 2016 fashion trends here are the top fashion trends you should expect in 2016.


10) All Victorian Everything


Styles inspired by the Victorian era. High necks and loads of flowers are coming your way in 2016.

9) The X-Factor


The around the neck tops are going to be the rage of 2016. We have seen plenty of these this year and they are not going to stop. You may not have to get new ones after all


8) Old English Sleeves


The puffy out English sleeves are coming back in fashion and you will want to get your hands on some of these top designer pieces.


7) White Shirt Redux


The white button down shirt is one of the classics and is here to stay in 2016. Those old white shirts are going to come in handy after all.


6) The Flat Mule


There is comfortable and then there is fashionable. Good thing you can have both with flat sole shoes being in fashion in 2016.


5) Make it Pink Please

pink please

Pink is going to be the color of 2016. Whatever is pink is in fashion. If you have loads of pink then you are safe for the whole year.


4) So Low


Low rise trousers are coming back this spring 2016. You will have to get your hands on these as they have not been fashionable for some time now.


3) Robe Life


Robes can be a bit of a luxury item but they are fashionable in 2016. You might want to get one if you are a fashion follower.


2) The Cold Shoulder


Off the shoulder is what is fashionable in 2016. This is going to be a major fashion trend and something you should be looking forward to.


1) Dye For It


Solid colors are always great but this spring we are going to see a ton of dyes.


Keep in touch with fashion with these Top Fashion Trends you Should Expect in 2016. With this guide you will be able to be on top of things.

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