Two Design Giants Anti And Non-Format Join Forces

This news just came up and we are excited to share it with you. If you are a graphic designer or a modern art and graphics enthusiast then you must know about two big names in the design name, Anti and Non-Format. Well we have seen their work separately for some time now and they do pack a punch. For all of you out there that wished to see a co-creation by both the firm’s well then you are in luck. Both the companies are working together and are merging. Yes that is right, two design giants Anti and Non-Format join forces.

Anti+ Non-Format

Non-Format is a two man team and has been pulling off some great work for the last 15 years. The duo consists of Kjell Ekhorn and Jon Forss. The two announced that they will be joining Anti and merging with them. We have seen some great work from these two artists and you just have to wonder what amazing work they will come up with next with this merger coming up. Previously with just two people they were able to pull of great things but when they will have people under their belt then they will be able to achieve even better results and pull of bigger projects. We are a big fans of both the companies and we support them all the way. Now that they have joined forces we expect nothing less than the very best coming out of the firm.


This was the big news of the two big names joining together. Two design giants Anti and Non-Format join forces. We wish the two companies the best of luck and hope they can work together and create something mind blowing. We supported the two when they are individual companies and we support them now, when they have merged together. We have no doubt the work that comes out from now on will be even better than before.


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