What the Way You Hold Hands Says About Your Relationship

Understanding how technology works, how math is solves, answered questions about the universe is all simple when compared to understanding human beings. There is a whole field of science dedicated to human behavior. Because humans are complex beings and they differ in behavior it can be very hard to predict what they will do. Luckily there are some patterns and they seem to work for most people. The human body may not be vocal but it can say a lot if you can notice it well enough. Here is a guide to what the way you hold hands says about your relationship.


1. The Down-Facing Palm

The Down-Facing Palm

This is one of the most common ways of holding hands and we get to see this a lot. But what does it tell you about someone? This means that the one with the palm facing downward is more likely the dominant one in the relationship. Commonly this stance will be taken by men when they are with their partners outside. It is a sign of protecting one’s loved one.


2. The Interlocked Fingers

The Interlocked Fingers

This shows a deeper connection between a couple. This is a gesture of care and love and that their need for one another is not just physical but beyond that.


3. The Finger Grab

The Finger Grab

This means that you are both independent people and that you also have interests outside the relationship. This though does not mean that one is cheating on the other.


4. The One-Finger Handhold

The One-Finger Handhold

This is a more casual way of holding hands and is not as passionate as the positions mentioned above. This can be a gesture that someone is flirting.


5. The Over-The-Shoulder Lock

The Over-The-Shoulder LockThe Over-The-Shoulder Lock

This is a sign of being protective yet casual. This means you are proud of your partner and the relationship that you both share with one another.


6. The Passive Handhold

The Passive Handhold

This indicates that both people are clear about the relationship and know the boundaries. Both people know where the line is and that it is not to be crossed.

7. The “My Lady”

The My Lady

This gesture shows mutual protectiveness. It means that both people feel protective of one another. Both people in the relationship value and respect each other for who they are and what they mean to each other.


8. The Relaxed Lace

The Relaxed Lace

A sign of trust and confidence in one another.


9. The Wrist Grab

The Wrist Grab

This is a more intimate gesture and shows the urge to be around one another.


This was the guide to what the way you hold hands says about your relationship. This will give you a clear idea of what your partner feels about you and where your relationship stands.

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