Why Social Media Sites are so Blue?

Have you noticed the trend of the social media site logos being blue? I have noticed and it makes you wonder why? Why social media sites are so Blue? Facebook is blue and though there is a bit of a shade change Twitter is also blue. There has to be a reason why these social media sites just love the Blue color. In this article we are going to take a look into why social media sites like to be so blue and why not some other brand color? We know that a logo color is important when it comes to brand building and brand positioning but why not some other color?

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Why Social Media Logos use ‘Blue’?

You might know this but as a matter of fact Blue is the most used color in the world according to Dulux Paints. Furthermore the color Blue has its association with coolness and trustworthiness as well as dependability and strength. If you think about it all these factors are important to the social media sites. A research has found that Blue improves the flow of communication that is also much needed in a social media site, No wonder all these social media sites are so Blue. Lets see our favorite social media sites that use the Blue logo.


1. Facebook

Facebook_blue Logo

The big daddy of them all. Launched a decade ago Facebook wanted to set a fan base and users that would keep coming back for more. Now people do not even leave Facebook. To achieve such a huge usership they needed to portray themselves are reliable and dependable as a site people can trust because people were sharing their pictures with their friends and family. This is why the Facebook logo is Blue.


2. Twitter


Like Facebook Twitter also needs to be seen as dependable and trustworthy as people share their updates in the form of tweets. Twitter also has a huge number of users and continues to amaze us. Twitter uses a lighter shade of Blue than Facebook.


3. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the social network for businessmen. It is much more formal than the other social networks and yet uses Blue in its logo.


4. Instagram


Another popular social media platform where people share their pictures and because the pictures can be anything you want to share Instagram needs to be seen as trustworthy. You don’t want your pictures getting out or leaked all over the internet. That is why even Instagram uses Blue in its logo.


5. VKontakte


The social media site that is increasingly popular in Russia goes by the same theme. They use Blue in their logo for the same reasons as the rest of the players in the social media industry.


Here we saw why social media sites are so Blue? We noticed that a lot of social media sites use the color Blue in their logos and we found out why. This is insightful information that many people would want to know.

Source: designmantic

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