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It all started because a single person wanted to make shoes that were, understated, simple and yet trendy and elegant to wear day in and day out. Being a shoe lover from the moment he could tie his own shoe laces this person’s ambition has been to make the ultimate pair of shoes. This is where YOURS Shoes came into being.

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The shoes are basically flat sole converse styled with minimal attention to detail. The goal was to make shoes that were simple and yet had aesthetics. The designer has done just that and has been very successful in this goal. This project was started on kickstarter and the first shipment of shoes went out to the backers of the project on 1st May 2012. The project achieved its goal and raised a total sum of $5,517 with the help of 84 backers. The project was officially launched on 16th March 2012. Since then the company has made its mark in the fashion industry. YOURS Shoes continues to provide simple designs of shoes that are comfortable to wear and appealing to the eyes.

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The company strives for perfection that can be found in each pair of shoes that are places on the rack. Once Andrew Henry, founder of the designer label was not satisfied with his product so he destroyed the whole batch. He said that the batch did not meet his expected standards and that he would not have such product out in the market. This shows the kind of dedication the big man has towards his ambition of making the perfect daily use shoes. According to Henry he had been collecting sneakers for as long as he could remember and that it was his dream to start a designer label of his own. Which he has successfully done.

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The gist of the story is that there is a brand out there that emphasizes on perfection and that the product is up to the standard of the company. A company that you can rely on to give you the ultimate shoe experience. Where simplicity is the key to an appealing design. Where nothing matters more than giving exactly what is promised. YOURS Shoes is a great company that has proven to be worth it and is here to stay in the coming future. Let’s see what else they come up with.


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